Fans collapse when I step on stage - 'Johnny' hitmaker, Yemi Alade...

Yemi Alade became a breakout star with her hit song, 'Johnny'.

In an interview with, she said she has seen fans fainting at her shows

"I did my African tour last year and you can imagine the love and craze for Yemi Alade.

"It got to a point that a lady fainted. Nigerian music is massive in other countries.

"It has become a global brand. While performing in Paris, I got five "Johnnys" on stage; men who love my music. My brand, "Yemi Alade", is growing fast and I thank God for it.

"I'm elated that this is happening to me; I had hoped for this. I had my African tour in 2014 and my tour of Nigerian cities was in 2013."

Do your fans go into a frenzy during your shows?

"Yes! It happened during my African tour. Two ladies were so engrossed at my peak performance, they suddenly passed out and it was such a frenzy.

"Security and medical officials had to quickly wade in and revive them. It was humbling."

Your sexiness, swag and talent is drawing a lot of male fans, isn't it?

"(Laughs). I don't know about that, but I try to give my best and my all.

"I love what I'm doing now and my management is pushing me to give my best. Yes, I'm sexy; I have heard that before, but my talent speaks more for me. Yemi is a home girl and relates with all. I'm just like the girl next door."