Ghanaian gospel musician Amy Newman has revealed that some music producers advise their gospel artists to dress indecently.

Amy made the revelation during an interview on Hitz ENTERTAINMENT NEWS with Ibrahim Ben-Bako on the conducts certain gospel musicians exhibit these days.

Some gospel musicians in the country have recently received a lot of public flak from their skin toning to dressing indecently.

Amy Newman said some executive music producers encourage these musicians to dress like the secular musicians to be able to sell their albums and make their returns.

She said the gospel music INDUSTRY today is more about money than winning souls for Christ.

"It is no more about Christ they are money conscious, I don't have anyone who helps me with coming up with my album, I do everything myself financially so you can imagine, but some people have producers who help them but sometimes, you have to struggle and do it yourself."

Amy noted that she wasn't out to condemn anyone because they are INDIVIDUALS with rights and that no one can tell if a person is destined to do gospel music or not.

According to her, being a gospel musician is a form of MINISTRY work and that if anyone believes he has been called and has the Holy Spirit in him, he will ask God before taking any major step in life.

"It's an individual affair but if you say whatever you are doing is to win souls for the Lord then fine but if not then that's BETWEEN you and your God," she added.

Amy Newman                 Image Above: Gospel Musician Amy Newman

Amy Newman is now an evangelist and hopes to come out with more albums.

She is KNOWN for hit songs like 'Okamafo', 'Nyira Nka Wo Dzin' and 'M'gyei Nyira Mu'

SOURCE: Hitz 103.9 FM