Efya exposes her "thing" to Nigerian men for free...

Aaaaaaba! Efya, why disgrace Ghana this way, huh? Do you mean you do not have what it takes to buy enough Kente cloth to cover your "thing"?

By the way, why did you have to fly all the way to Naija to almost show your "thing" to their men for "free" when there are a lot of desperate and able GH men here who would love to pay to see "it"? 

Why Efya, why? Do you want to be the next Raquel of GH?

You see, these are some of the "little, little things" that when you do, will make the President rescind his decision on bringing you those free sanitary pads known as #M-Pad!!! 

Please Efya, every single Ghanaian, including the lost soul of Prof. Atta Mills, is on his/her knees seriously begging you not to go and do your "little things" that will shake up the soul of that huge MONSTER in Wanlov the Kubolor to come and show his "thing" again, okay?

Efya what is this thing

We dey beg you waaaaaa!

Efya, Keep praying bigtimerz.com doesn't lay its icy hands on the other "wild" images otherwise 'you go see'! We are still waiting for them anyway.

This is what happens when fashion reaches its cresendo!

Efya, one of Ghana's best songstresses, was in Naija and had to be present at the Pulse's VIP Night, Ibadan, in Nigeria where this near "fatal incident" took place.

BY: Wajaja King

SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com