Davido humbled by just an hour of this drug addict's godsend message...

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You never know the good or dangerous people you surround yourself with especially when you're on top of the world getting all the gigs and beautiful girls in town until your career takes a nose dive.

The bad ones would quickly run away leaving you with just the few good ones.

Hence, we must all be careful with our lives when we are on top of our worlds.

This is the exact message Davivo, the "Aye" hitmaker, got from this drug addict and he feels very much humbled by it.

Davido posted this message after meeting with this drug addict:

"It hurts me that this man was homeless.

"He spoke to me yesterday for an hour about life and how people come around when you are doing well but as soon as you lose everything, they disappear.

"It feels like a GOD sent a message to me through him. He also refused the money I gave him.

"He rather made a request for me to buy him food instead of giving him money because he is trying to get over drug addiction.

"This is a good man right here. I hope GOD sends a message through him again!!!"

Davido meeets a drug addict 1

SOURCE: Bigtinz.com