Criss Waddle begs Shatta Wale to be taken back as a friend after the “biegya” beef...

Ghanaian rap artist, Criss Kwaku Waddle has written a long letter to plead with self-acclaimed dancehall King, Shatta Wale, to forgive and forget about one of the biggest beefs that ever happened between the two in the history of Ghanaian music.

Almost a year ago, the term “biegya (open fire)” which had been originated and popularized by social media personality, Archipalago, had been used by both artistes (Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle) in their musically different songs but with the same “biegya” title.

According to the “biegya” originator, Archipalago, Criss Waddle had blatantly refused to credit him (Archipalago) in his song for the use of the “biegya” term unlike Shatta Wale who had done the right thing by crediting him (Archipalago).

Achipalago as a result warned Criss Waddle to take away the “biegya” term out of his song which had Stonebwoy as a featured artiste.

According to Criss Waddle, later developments clearly showed that Shatta Wale was the brain behind the “biegya” confusion and so ‘parted’ ways with him (Shatta Wale) as best friends in the game.

Now Criss Waddle --- CEO of AMG Business --- upon a sober reflection has written the below letter to apologize to Shatta Wale to forgive and forget about everything that happened between the two so they can be best friends again!


Dear Charles Nii Armah Mensah (Shatta Wale),

I want you to know that nobody is perfect, so forgive and forget, I may have been right with reasons why I had a beef with you a year ago, but trust me that anger is no more in my heart as I type this very message, it's not even worth it to me anymore, if there is anything you and I have in common, the world can testify that we both represent the street and we both do nothing but motivate the youth of Ghana and beyond, you are older than me and there is a saying that no matter how you right in any situation with a person that's older than you, the older one is always right and the younger one has to apologize, we both don't need nothing from each other, you are successful in so many ways and I'm a walking testimony, division between a lot of ghetto youth because of AmG and SM beef, togetherness is what I pledge for the youth cus together we stand divided we fall.

And to my Younger Brother Sam Safo, We may have disagreed on so many topics here and there because we all come from a different background with a different date of birth, therefore our level of thinking can't be Equal, You stood with me during the times where we had beef with SM empire and through this fight AmG gained a lot of recognition, a lot of street Credibility and probably respect and disrespect from people who agreed and disagreed with our hustle, AmG fans loves u to the bone, so many messages in my Facebook more than 90% wants peace between us and not war and since AmG is bigger than both you and me right now, since AmG also has won fans that are willing to probably die for the movement, I ask that you let your ego and pride go away, let's show the world that the devil can only suggest a negative idea to us but it's left to us to either execute or abolish his suggestions, I love you like ma Junior brother, Medikal Loves you, Flow Delly, Star Buju Everyone in AmG loves you to the core, Ghana music awards is here and this is the time that we need to come together as family to vote or lift the AmG banner higher, you are a Valuable asset to us in so many ways, aside the fact that you have your flaws, you also bring positive ideas to the table, maybe your way of addressing issues is what you have to change, so that our way of responding to issues can be changed respectively, None of this beef is bringing me money or peace of mind and without money and peace of mind, we all know how fucked up life can be. After this point, Lord knows I've done my part as the elderly among us.