Temperatures may well be plummeting back home, but it was a case of no jacket required for holidaying Chloe Goodman as she topped up her tan on Friday.

Then, from where she enjoyed a rather busty display following a topless sunbathing session.

Chloe, who gained public attention after appearing on reality show Ex On The Beach, cupped her hands over her prominent breasts while gamely attempting to tie her lilac bikini top.

Chloe Goodman former Celebrity Big Brother contestant 2

After tying her bikini top buxom Chloe appeared to straighten her embellished bottoms before climbing back onto her lounger.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, unveiled as the face of Love Honey lingerie, recently confessed her love for raunchy underwear.

'It doesn't matter if he doesn't even know you are wearing it, when you have really good lingerie it gives you an inner confidence,' she said.

'It feels wonderful against your skin and makes you feel good about yourself.

'It's always fun to surprise your partner with a really sensual set. I love it when their eyes light up when your partner sees you have really made an effort.'

The beauty added: 'Let's just say that when the chemistry is right I am a very passionate woman.

My sex drive can go through the roof when I am with someone very special and, yes, I can be a 10 out of 10 in the bedroom.

'What really sets things alight is when you are wearing highly sensual lingerie. I love reds and blacks for Valentine's Day.

They just signal sex when you are with Mr Right.'

But even Chloe has her off days: 'It's every woman's worst nightmare to be caught wearing your Bridget Jones's when you are with a new man,' she said.

'I must admit that has never happened to me, but I have gone out wearing my best Bridget Jones's because I knew I wasn't ready for anything to happen.

They were like my own little chastity belt!'

Chloe Goodman former Celebrity Big Brother contestant 3

Chloe Goodman former Celebrity Big Brother contestant 4

Chloe Goodman former Celebrity Big Brother contestant 5

SOURCE: Dailymail.co.uk