Did you know the "Doro Bucci" song you always sing along when ever it is played is an illuminati song? Just read on...

We all tend to like certain songs for different reasons but for some other ones, we find it difficult to give reasons why we like them.

Have you actually paid attention to the spiritual undertones of your favourite song, Doro Bucci?

Well, someone took his time to analyse the spiritual meaning of the Doro song and here is what he wrote:

WHAT IS DORO? IS THE DORO SONG DEMONIC? Listen to the song very attentively & confirm it yourself.

So many people have become dumbs to the tones and sounds of music they are not even paying attention to the spiritual meanings of the lyrics of songs they listen to.
Everybody is busy singing and even attaching Doro to their names.

But the big question is: what IS DORO? Have you ever taken your time to listen to this Doro song? I have and I will tell you the spiritual meaning behind that song and per what the singers of that song wanted to achieve.

It's a gathering of all the Doro worshipers where the Doro (she) is a goddess with each one of them praising and explaining how BIG, HIGH and BLOODY she is.

Now let's follow the lyrics of the song:

The 1st singer started by praising...

Doro~high, Doro~bloody, Doro
gather pass everybody for the
gathering, Doro get money pass
everybody here(meaning Doro is richer than all of those singing).
Now, for people who say and think that Doro is
money, from these last words, do you
think they are referring to money?
I am only picking points from all the

Let's now go to the 2nd singer; another showering of praises here, too...

Doro~fresh, Doro~flashy, Doro fine
pass everybody wey Doro sing
(meaning Doro is more prettier than
all the singers). Just think about it!

The 3rd singer started with praises again...

Doro na diva(diva means a
queen,female celebrity, or a goddess) Doro the
leader (meanin Doro is a leader who leads them)...Doro is bigger, Doro is
higher, so follow d leader, Doro get liver she no dey tire(meaning they are
referring to her,not money not fine). Now, the 4th singer said Doro
bad, make nobody try Doro, Doro get
money but lastly she said make
nobody join doro bucci ooo. The 5th singer further explained the
personality of their god: Doro is a
kind of boss, a cheerful giver, Doro get
pass everybody wey don get
before, Doro fly pass everybody wey
dey this plan.

Now from the above lyrics/words of the song, what is DORO?

The singers have made their point in the song and every other word they added was to confuse you the listener.

They now use it as a slang to everything they say because they have sold their souls and now belong to her (Doro the goddess).

So that's why you hear Doro Don Jazzy because all of them are members just the way Christians call themselves Children of God. This marks the end of time!

Kindly share this post and save someone. Thanks and God bless you all!

Any christian who sings this Doro (goddess) song is doomed: Matt 16:3B ".... O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times"?

This message was culled from Nigeriannames.