Ama Boahemaa was even more whiter 2 years ago and I was proud of that - John Mensah...

[WRITTEN BY: George Awiadem Maclean  EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Mr. John Mensah Sarpong, the onetime Executive Music Producer of Ghana's most embattled gospel artiste Ama Boahemaa, has expressed shock at those (the many Ghanaians) who think Ama Boahema just started bleaching her skin a fortnight ago.

Mr. John Mensah Sarpong, the CEO of JMS Music Production, who has seen it all right from Ama Boahema's black complexion days to her current "white" status in the entertainment industry says, he's surprised that Ama 'Michael Jackson' Boahemaa's bleaching issue has now become the talk of town since, as far as he's aware, she started bleaching some two or more years ago --- something he was proud of.

The former boss of GAPI revealed this in an interview with Dave Hammer on Hello 101.5 FM's entertainment program, 'Entertainment Review'.

"Yes, it is Ama Boahemaa you're seeing in the pictures and I only heard people discuss her bleaching issue on air just about one or two weeks ago but, it's been a long time since she started bleaching. 

"Her skin colour changed more than two years ago and pictures she had sent to me then would even show that she was more whiter than you see her today" said Mr. John Mensah when the host, Dave Hammer, had asked him if indeed, it was Ama Boahemaa who had bleached her skin to that level.

When the host, Dave Hammer, rightly asked Mr. John Mensah Sarpong whether he liked the new looks of Ama 'Michael Jackson' Boahemaa in the pictures sent to him two years ago and what he did as a father, this is what he had to say:

"Honestly, I decided not to say anything about it because that is her private life but all that I said was, her 'new' colour looked very beautiful.

"And honestly, she looked very much bleached and more whiter in the pictures she sent me two years ago than in the ones being circulated on facebook which have been over embellished, but I felt proud of her colour.

"I didn't see anything wrong with that as I rather saw it as a remarkable improvement in her life and as you know already, most of us admire the white skin colour.

"Even the pictures of her child whom I thought was going to look as black as Ama Boahema herself rather appeared 'brightened'.

"And the last time I tried to reach her on the phone to know more about her suing people who talked about her bleaching issue, she didn't pick it. Anyway, I wonder who she's going to send to court though."

He concluded by adding that plans were far advanced to release old and new albums from Ama Boahemaa.

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