Actress Rita Dominic reveals why she's still childless at 41...

At 41years of age her biological clock for birth might be hitting night time soon.. This thought must have made the actress cry out that she wants to have her own kids as soon as possible.

During a live Facebook chat with fans, multiple award winning actress, Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic revealed her love for children and when she was asked if she had any yet, the Imo state star said;

“No, I don’t. But I’d love to. I love children very much. I am working on it, hopefully…Pretty, Pretty Soon.”

Due to the fact that, Rita was so sure of having a baby soon, fans quizzed her on if there is already a man in her life, she revealed that she broke up with her Germany based lover, but also told fans that her relationship was her personal business and didn’t talk on the topic again, she said;

“It is my personal life…actually I used to date someone in Germany…but anyway let’s leave it, leave that personal life aside for now.”