A taxi driver who has the inscription 'Oh Why John Mahama' behind his taxi has told Citi News the Police seem to be worried about the inscription.

"The Police have arrested me before and they always asked me why I have this behind my car and I told them it is a question and not an insult and they allowed me to go," he claimed.

It is a common occurrence to see creative and funny inscriptions on commercial vehicles in Ghana.


It most often expresses the belief, feelings and thoughts of the driver of the vehicle.

On Wednesday, John Dramani Mahama marked the second year of his governance as President of Ghana, and many political leaders and ordinary Ghanaians rated his performance.

This taxi driver who pleaded anonymity told Citi News' Betty Kankam-Boadu that the inscription on his vehicle is his own way of accessing the President's performance.

He said: "When Mahama came to power, he said he will reduce fuel prices for us but he hasn't done that. I am a full NDC member and I have always voted for the NDC. We thought he was a young man who could help the youth but he lied to us. Fuel prices keep going up. It is down on the world market but he keeps increasing it."

According to him, the last increment of fuel prices compelled him to put up that inscription.

"When he increased it for the third time, I put this inscription on the back of my tax cab," he said.

He however clarified that he does not have a problem with the President "but the people around him are the ones creating the problems so 'Oh why John Mahama' is a wakeup call for him."

The taxi driver pointed out that even Ghana's ex-President John Rawlings has also cautioned President Mahama about the people he has surrounded himself with.

He also mentioned that "people insult me when they see the inscription on my car but I don't care. Even if the President calls me to ask why I wrote that behind my car, I will give him all the reasons."

"This thing behind my car, I will not take it off today or tomorrow until he makes things better for us," he remarked.

He added that "I drive two cars and the other one, I have written behind it, 'our ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, please open your eyes' It's in town so you will see it one day."

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