You will be dealt with - Bishop Obinim tells J.J Rawlings...

The Founder of the International Gods Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has hit back at former President Rawlings for criticising his ministry and his healing methods.

The former President at a meeting with some chiefs from the Volta Region accused Obinim and another preacher, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as 'Kumchacha of misleading Ghanaians and using the name of God in vain.

The worried former President at the said meeting noted that "They are so brave [Obinim and Kumchacha] in the kind of things they purport, the kind of things they do. Ladies and gentlemen, when people watch things like this, knowing very well that they are not achieving what they claim they are doing, we end up perpetuating the ignorance and the grip of these people on the ignorance of our people."

But in a dramatic fashion, Obinim took the opportunity during one of his church services to "deal" with former President Rawlings.

"You Rawlings, all the nonsense you spoke about me is captured on a video on my phone. Your own people called me to tell what you said about me and advised that I shouldn't mind you. Because of the respect I have for you, I didn't say anything. I respect you and all my pastors respect you so respect yourself as a former President."

Bishop also warned Mr. Rawlings against commenting on spiritual issues, threatening that, he will ensure that he is dealt with by the Christ he serves.

"You are old and so you should be using all the knowledge and sense you have acquired over the years to help govern the nation, but don't sit on air and talk about me. This should be the last time you talk about me. Don't mention my name in any conversation again, otherwise Jesus Christ, who called me to do his work will deal with you," he added.

According to him, Ghanaians who do not understand spiritual matters should leave the men of God alone and not criticize them for doing their job.

"Do you know the caliber of people God is using us to save? if Castro knew he would die, would he have died? Komla Dumor, if he knew he would die, do you think he would have died? Look at these two prominent people in Ghana we have lost, so if someone tells you that you are going to die, if they had met a man of God, he would have prayed for them," he insisted.

He also cautioned some media personalities who he said have been criticizing his work saying he would have them punished if they do not stop.

"People don't know what is going to happen to them, but when we say it, you sit on radio and television and spew rubbish. Do you know the prophecies I give to people and if you don't understand, don't sit on radio and television and talk about me. All you had to do was pick up a phone and call me."

He also threatened those who were sabotaging his efforts in saving lives for Christ. "You sit there, insult people and spoil my work. You will see what I will do to you and if you say you have a place where you go for protection, you better hurry up and go there because I will show you that wherever you are going, I will beat that spirit. I, Obinim, in the name of the God Almighty, you will see what I will do to all of you. When Jesus was sharing the gifts, this is what he gave me." -