Women who bleach their skin are mad - CEO of Second Image...

Women who bleach are “mad”, Second Image CEO Nikki Boamponsem has said.

“If you try to change your colour, you are mad,” Boamponsem said, adding: “Apart from the physical madness, you can become mad from using some of the products.”

The skin care company CEO made the comment while speaking at a seminar organised as part of the Africa Makeup and Beauty Fair in Accra.

She advised women to be comfortable in their skin and not feel they have to bleach to please their men.

“It’s a very low esteem to say that: ‘I don’t like my face, my man likes fair women so I have to change my colour.’ At once it means you are mad,” she reiterated.

“The reason why we are talking about skin is that any colour of skin is beautiful if you look after it.

If you have dark skin and you’ve allowed it to go dull, you think your colour is not nice... but then if you treat your black [skin] well, it will shine, it will glow and at the age of 90, you can still look good.

“Those of us with this colour, we struggle to keep it because if I get [a] mark, it will show but if you have dark skin, you can get away with it. So be proud of your skin because all these injections, they tell you, they are causing cancer, they are causing brain damage, kidney problems and all that. Why do you want to interfere with anything in your body just because you want to be fair?” she stressed.

Credit: Classfmonline.com