What Mahama ask a girl for asking the silliest question ever after seeing this corpse will shock you...

Funny things ain’t funny anymore so let’s get straight to business.

Patrick Baah, who is a Ghanaian radio presenter in the UK, did post on his facebook timeline two photos of a beautiful Ghanaian lady by name Josephine Valouine George.

The two photos had been placed side by side with one showing her corpse laid in state, and the other showing when she was alive before her demise. (See the above image)

And he posted the photos with the inscription: “Life is too short,” ostensibly to let all and sundry know that death is no respecter of persons.

Josephine Valouine George 2     Photo: The late Josephine Valouine George

However, what caught our (Bigtimerz.com) attention was the most senseless and infantile question asked by one Gifty Akua Afriyie Amankwah who looks like a younger sister of Ghanaian movie director, Shirley Frimpong Manso. (See her photo below)

And her question after seeing the corpse was: “Why are corpses in Ghana so scary looking?”

Josephine Valouine George 8

But there were some people who also ensured they did ‘justice’ or made nonsense of her senseless question.

Kofi Mahama, a staunch supporter of President John Mahama and the NDC, asked a question in return: “Do you import corpses from Europe...?” (See Kofi Mahama's photo below)

Josephine Valouine George 9

Then there was Obaa Abena Asubonteng who added her voice to the whole convo: ”Someone has died and people are worried about her skin colour and make-up. Ama Ghana!”

But somewhere along the line came one Nana Konadu Berima Tweneboakodua with some “holding-degree-in-dressing-corpses” nonsense and all that makes one wonder...(I reserve that harsh bit in completing this sentence).

Read most of the comments (some irritating and others of comic nature) which ensued in the screenshots below and tell us what you think:

Josephine Valouine George 5

Josephine Valouine George 3

Josephine Valouine George 4

Josephine Valouine George 6

Josephine Valouine George 7

SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com