Two fraudsters busted for selling fake phones on Tonaton and OLX platforms...

Two thieves (pictured above) have been arrested by the Police for using the and which are all online marketing platforms to dupe unsuspecting buyers.

The arrest was made possible by one Asagnawen Annankra.

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According to him, the two fraudsters have been operating under the guise of selling “real” iPhones and other stuff on both the and platforms but usually end up duping unsuspecting buyers by swapping the so-called real phones with fake ones.

Asagnawen Annankra is now calling on all Ghanaians, who have one way or the other been duped by these two fraudsters, to come and identify them as you can see their faces in the photo below so the laws of Ghana deal with them.

You can contact Asagnawen Annankra on facebook by copying and pasting this link:

2 fraudsters busted in Ghana 2