Police grab two Nigerian armed robbers after an attempt to rob a couple of GH¢600 near Flagstaff House...

[Photo Above: Ndubueze Odoemenam (left) and Chiokoko Amade (right) at the Cantonments Police Station]

An attempt by two Nigerians to rob a couple of GH¢600 they had cashed from a bank was foiled by a motor rider near the Flagstaff House in Accra.

The Nigerians, Ndubueze Odoemenam, 22, and Chiokoko Amade, 25, are said to have perforated the tyres of the couple’s vehicle, while they were in the banking hall.

After the couple had cashed their money from the bank last Wednesday, the suspects, riding an unregistered motorbike, trailed them from the bank, knowing very well that because they had perforated the tyres, it would not be long before the vehicle came to a stop.

Perforated tyres

Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mrs Afia Tenge, said at about 11 a.m., the couple came out of a banking hall at Osu after withdrawing GH¢600.

She said the couple got into their car and drove off without knowing that the back tyres had been perforated with a nail which was stuck in a bathroom slipper.

After a few minutes of driving, she said, the couple had a flat tyre and as soon as they came out of their vehicle to attend to the flat tyre, the Nigerians pounced on them.

The suspected robbers forcibly opened the car, took the money which was in a bag and sped off on the motorbike.

Good Samaritan

However, another motor rider who was passing by witnessed the scene and gave the robbers a hot chase.

When he caught up with them at the Afrikiko Traffic Light, the unnamed motorbike rider used his helmet to hit one of the suspects who was riding the motorbike.

The Nigerian motorbike rider and the pillion rider crashed into a commercial Sprinter vehicle and fell off the motorbike, while the money was scattered on the road.

Ironically, passengers on the commercial vehicle were said to have mistaken the Good Samaritan for a robber who was attacking the Nigerians and had attempted to beat him up.

The timely intervention of a police officer of the Rapid Deployment Force Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Assistant Superintended of Police (ASP) Mr Nanka Bruce, who arrived on the scene, prevented the mob from attacking the Good Samaritan.

The suspected robbers who sustained injuries on their faces and arms were taken to the Police Hospital for first aid, after which they were taken to the Cantonments Police Station.

The damaged motorbike was impounded and is in the possession of the Cantonments Police Station.

Credit: Daily Graphic