Revealed: It was sex that caused the Kintampo 20 students deaths...

Out of all the reasons in the world, spicy and hot bouts of sex by happy youngsters on an excursion has been cited as a possible cause of the tragedy which killed some 20 persons who were sight-seeing and making merry at the Kintampo Falls last Sunday.

Nana Effa Guakro, Kyeremanko Hene of Kintampo, has told the media the Kintampo Falls is a sacred forest where the trees, waters and mountains are deities that detest immorality, yet visitors to the place are fond of lurking in the secluded parts of the forest to have bouts of sex in different positions beneath the ancient trees.

This, according to the Kyeremanko Hene, goes on to the chagrin of the sacred deities and this piled-up anger might have provoked them to unleash the disaster which occurred last Sunday, just to register their protest.

“The people who come to the water fall have sex with their lovers which is something the river god abhors so I believe it is all part of it.... If we tell them to stop doing certain bad things at the waterfalls site, they don’t listen and decide to do what they want. I’ve made several announcements on radio speaking against such bad behaviours, if they treat the river with respect, the river (god) will also serve them well,” Nana Aeea Guakro stated.

Though many have described his allusions as far-fetched, there are many who believe in superstition and have argued the traditional leader’s concerns should not be dismissed.

The Kyeremanko Hene has said the forest should remain closed until he and the traditional custodians of the place perform the necessary rituals to know what the oracles would advise.

Some 20 students of the Wenchi Methodist Senior High School were crushed to death by a tumbling tree during a rainstorm Sunday afternoon when they went on an excursion to the Kintampo Falls.

Several more others were injured and several speculations are being mongered as the cause of the tragedy while official investigations are ongoing.

Source: Daily Guide