ECG imports more pestles & mortars to pound ‘fufu’ to generate electricity...

The Electricity Company of Ghana aka Evil Committee of Ghana has decided to go hi-tech by importing more mortars and pestles from China to pound more ‘fufu’ plus some hot afternoon ‘aponkye (dead goat of course!) nkrakra’ light soup to generate more power to supply the whole world and not just Ghana.

This, the company says, is going to drastically reduce the country’s dependence on the Akosombo dam for hydroelectricity.

The company wishes to inform all Ghanaian men that because the country is no more in a military regime, it is not going to force anyone of them to come and pound the fufu for them to do any kind of eating competition or ‘chop-chop’ and get satisfied whilst ‘powering’ their wives for them as well in their offices.

ECG imports pestles mortars 2

However, if they (Ghanaian men) fail to come in their numbers like ‘dabo-dabo’ in one ‘logologo’ line for pounding the fufu for them (ECG guys) to eat and get more strength so they can ‘power’ their (Ghanaian men) wives and their beautiful 18+ daughters, then every single home in Ghana can expect what the company describes as discotheque-like ‘dumsor’.

ECG imports pestles mortars 3

And to all the haters of ECG, if you think the CEO of the company, Professor ‘Dumsor Hene’ is ever going to be sacked for a ‘great’ job done, you had better go and hug the nearest electric transformers or jump straight into the Sea because, President ‘Dumsor’ says if the problem gets fixed, it is going to render Professor ‘Dumsor Hene’ jobless!

Professor ‘Dumsor Hene’ and President ‘Dumsor’ finally wish to thank all Ghanaians for their maximum cooperation during these “sweet dumsor” times :):):)

So Professor ‘Dumsor Hene’ is going to remain the boss of ECG until there is a Tsunami caused by the river of the powerful ‘Antoa Nyama’ deity in Ghana.

Folks, it's all about jokes and comic moments. Laugh out loud and live long:-):-):-)

ECG imports pestles mortars 4