Four thieves who tried to rob a banker have been grabbed by the Ghana Police...

Four thieves who tried to rob a banker and her husband yesterday in the afternoon are now in the Effiduase police custody for interogations.

According to residents at highways, Opposite a gas filling station popular known as Lartey gas, the four thieves with cutters, knifes, harmmers and other robbery tools cut the protecting mosquito nets, broke the burgler proof and entered the room.

They managed to remove the 32 inches LG LCD television, quard core Toshiba laptop, a computer set and other electrical appliances.

Koforidua four thieves 2

As two were about to step out whiles the other two were watching over for any upcoming alarm, a five year school pupil, Rahina who had closed from school and was going home at that time saw the boys in the house with the things outside so she quickly went to inform a farmer who was in his cassava farm nearby.

The farmer mastered courage and went in to grab one whiles the remaining three took to their heels. The farmer then blew an alarm and residents came out. Men, women and children who came out from their homes searched around and also grabbed one in addition, the residents narrated.

They tied them with rope and quickly called the house owner on phone.

When the banker was coming, she came with police to arrest them, the courageous farmer concluded.

Speaking to one lady of the effiduase police, Abigail said, as they brought the two in the afternoon, later in the evening they were able to arrest the remaining two and are now in their cells.

Koforidua four thieves 3